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Fontanals Golf Club Academy

Learn to play golf and improve your game

We want to train golfers of all ages.

Golfers who in addition to becoming experts in the technique of the game, know how to behave on and off the course.

That is why at Fontanals Golf School we prioritize the promotion of values such as teamwork, effort, willpower and humility.

Come and enjoy La Cerdanya and learn with the best professionals in an enviable environment.

Our goal is to make golf more accessible to everyone.

And with the Fontanals Golf Club Academy’s Adult School and Kids & Teens School it’s easy and fun.

Our team

Technique and Values

Jordi Pla

Manager Golf Academy

Tete Llaberia

Golf Academy Professional

Paco Sierra

Golf Academy Professional

Marc Izquierdo

Golf Academy Professional

Curro Cordero

Golf Academy Professional

Golf academy for adults

Enjoy golf more

Aimed at any adult who wants to start, improve and evolve in the world of golf.

Easy and flexible.

The objective of our school is to increase your percentage of correct shots by applying the latest technologies and pedagogy.

You can choose from multiple class formats.

Private individual and group lessons, classes for groups of different levels, private lessons and even outings to the course to train the strategy of the game.




Junior Academy

Great little golfers

It gives way to the social and family life of the club.

Our dream is to create a school in which students, parents and members of the Fontanals Golf Club family feel proud.

Seeing how the little ones enjoy and are formed with the values of golf.

With programs designed for all ages. Learning in a didactic and fun way starting at 3 years old.

Improving their level of golf session after session, until they are ready to enter the world of competition.






The best for a complete practice

Practice area

Do you know our driving range of more than 80,000 m2?

Wellness & Fitness

Discover our fully equipped fitness center with state-of-the-art technology.

Learn to play golf and improve

And do it in a simple and entertaining way. With Fontanals Golf Club Academy.