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Padel & Tennis

Enjoy your favourite sport in a unique location

Come and play at Fontanals

Play in the countryside

Whether you are an expert player or just starting out in the world of padel or tennis, at Fontanals you will find an exclusive space in which to practice your favourite racket sport. Enjoy the stunning scenery and the freshest air.

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Our facilities

The courts with the best views

In our club you will have 5 padel courts, equipped with artificial lighting and unbeatable views of the Tosa d’Alp. There are glass and concrete courts, as well as a quick tennis court.

Who can access our courts?

Available to all Fontanals Golf Club members

All club members enjoy full and unlimited access to our padel and tennis facilities and can play on our courts by booking at least 48 hours in advance via the app. They can also take private or group lessons with our professionals in both disciplines.

You are not a member of Fontanals but still want to come and play occasionally?

Guests of Hotel Fontanals and guests of our partners can also enjoy access to our courts at unique prices subject to availability.

Lessons with our professionals

If you are a member of Fontanals Golf Club, remember that you can book individual or group lessons with our tennis and paddle tennis coaches.

1h 1 person 35€ | Pack 5 classes 150€
1h 2 people 40€ | Pack 5 classes 175€
1h 3 persons 50€ | Pack 5 lessons 225€
1h 4 people 60€ | Pack 5 classes 275€

Come and see it and experience it for yourself

It’s not the same to be told about it as to see it with your own eyes… Book your visit now and come and discover the experience of playing in the middle of nature!

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