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Much more than golf

Endless adventures to discover

In addition to the incomparable views that you can enjoy at Fontanals, there are a myriad of activities available in the area that will make your visit to the club a perfect experience.

Fontanals has incredible facilities that allow members and families to enjoy much more than just golf.

And the surroundings offer many other possibilities.

Each member of your family will find their own space and hobby.


What to do at Fontanals Club

Activities and Facilities

At Fontanals Club there is a lot to do.

Golf is what defines us, and what gave birth to the club.

But you can also enjoy the club in many other ways.

Wellness & Fitness

In addition to unlimited access to our state-of-the-art gym, at Fontanals you can participate in supervised classes, and even enjoy various relaxing massages

Swimming and relaxation are other hobbies you can enjoy at Fontanals. In addition, you will also have unlimited access to our sauna and water area with Turkish bath.


At Fontanals, you and your family can also practice footgolf, a sport that allows you to combine the best of golf and soccer with family or friends.

And the best of it all is that you can do it on an 18-hole course within our dreamy course…

….which has been created especially for this original sport and for all ages.


Our club also counts with a terrace and an incredible chill out area.

So you can relax with an appetizer, enjoy the views and share moments with your favourite people.

We will make sure you have nothing to worry about.

Racquet sports

Within the Fontanals grounds, we also have 5 padel tennis courts, equipped with artificial lighting and unparalleled views of Tosa d’Alp.

There are glass and cement courts, as well as a quick tennis court.

Fontanals is Pure Golf

In addition to all these activities, in Fontanals we live and breathe Golf. Do you already know the jewel in the crown of the club and each of its 18 holes?

Activities in the surroundings

Discover La Cerdanya

The environment in which we are also puts at your disposal an infinity of outdoor activities.

And an endless number of magical places to discover.

Outdoor Sports

The perfect location of our club in the valley of La Cerdanya allows you to enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities and outdoor sports.

Like cycling, running in nature, and yoga, among many others.

Other touristic activities

To enjoy the incredible aerial view of La Cerdanya and the surrounding mountains, it is advisable to book a hot air balloon ride.

The more traditional will prefer to enjoy a walking tour around the Ermita de Sant Miquel and the village of Soriguerola.

Excursions of all kinds

La Cerdanya is a great tourist destination to visit.

With hundreds of magical places to discover.

There are hundreds of excursions available, private or in group, that will allow you to get into unique places.

Places like the Lake of Meranges, or the villages of the area, such as Puigcerdá or Queixans, among others.

In short, between the entertainment offered by the facilities of our club…

…and the thousand wonders of the surrounding environment…

…at Fontanals there is no time or place for boredom.

Only fun and relaxation.

Find out for yourself

Fontanals Golf Club members enjoy a wide range of benefits.