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The Fontanals Experience

Much more than a Club

At Fontanals Golf Club there is a relaxed and fun family atmosphere.

Our club is a place where all the members of your family will find a hobby.

A club suitable for all tastes and ages.

If what you are looking for in Fontanals is pure golf, you will be interested to know that our members…

…enjoy a beautifully designed 18-hole course

…improving their game with the professionals of our Academy and practicing in one of the best golf training areas in Europe…

…and live the passion of competing thanks to the many golf tournaments that we organize on a regular basis.

We also regularly organise all kinds of activities for our members.

Meetings and excursions that allow us to grow that feeling of belonging to the Fontanals community…

…and that goes far beyond being a member of a golf club.

Fontanals Golf Club is much more than golf.

Any occasion is a good time to get together.

Whether it’s to celebrate the start of the season…

…or that summer is approaching.

We love to get together and enjoy ourselves!

And that’s why we organize events, dinners, special celebrations, various excursions…

…and many other surprises!

Become a member of our family

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