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Our golf course

A dreamy 18-hole golf course

A hidden gem in one of the widest and most beautiful valleys in Europe.

A pleasurable experience for all types of players.

A vast garden where you can play without any problems from any corner.

A unique setting in the heart of nature.

Our course has 18 holes with a great personality.

A course suitable for all levels, competitive and entertaining.

The multiple lakes and the possibility of playing from the grass in any situation will delight the players.

An unforgettable experience in the heart of La Cerdanya.

A flat golf course with a wide view of the surroundings.

In a privileged location at an altitude of 1,050 meters. In the centre of one of the most spectacular valleys in Europe.

You will enjoy a unique experience.

In the heart of La Cerdanya.



Hole 1

El Carlit

Slightly downhill hole.

Danger out of bounds on the right…

… and numerous bunkers on the drop of the drive.

Hole 2

La Carbassa

Long hole with danger of out of bounds on the right.

No great difficulty.

Ideal for gaining a point over par.

Hole 3

Puig de Segre

The most difficult hole on the first leg.

If the tee shot is not perfect…

…it will be better to play it as a par 5.

Hole 4

Pic dels Angors

Short hole.

As long as you don’t fall into the bunkers on the course.

On the tee, it is better to play an iron and secure the second shot.

Hole 5

La Muga

A par 3 with a flight over the lake.

Easy looking…

…but can be complicated depending on the position of the flag.

Hole 6


Long par 5.

It is imperative that the first two shots are excellent…

…in order to reach the green in regulation.

Hole 7

La Tosa d’Alp

The easiest hole on the course.

A little rest is welcome.

The par can be played by any type of player.

Hole 8

Tosa Plana de Llès

Better to be content with getting the ball on the green.

Side streams here and there…

…and lake past the green.

Hole 9

Puig Llançada

In slight ascent.

No apparent difficulty…

…unless the flag is to the left of the green.

Hole 10

El Moixeró

Accuracy required on every shot.

There should be no rush to get to the flag.

Out of bounds to the left… and the occasional creek.

Hole 11


Only the good player can aim at the flag.

It is imperative to bring the ball to 160 meters of flight!

The more modest players must play before the water.

Hole 12

Coll de Pendís

Precision hole on the first shot.

Between the bunkers, out of bounds and water hazard on the right.

On the second shot you must find the perfect distance.

Hole 13

Pic de Madres

Long par 5.

Without much difficulty.

However, beware of the narrowing of the fairway on the second shot.

Hole 14

Serra del Cadí

Another precision hole.

Again, you better play an iron to get out.

Green protected by a front bunker, multiple creeks and lateral lake.

Hole 15

Puig de Cambradase

Dog leg to the right.

It is essential to avoid the bunkers on the right.

Green well protected with deep bunkers and water behind.

Hole 16

Tosal Bovinar

The most difficult hole on the course.

Second shot to the difficult green, this last one in the purest Floridian style.

It is a matter of putting the ball 150 meters away.

Hole 17

Pic Finestrelles

No difficulty.

Despite the existence of deep bunkers to reach the green.

But be careful not to relax.

Hole 18


Accuracy in the first shot.

Better to play a long iron or a 3 wood.

The second shot is long and accurate.

An unforgettable golf course

A work of art to enjoy with every stroke.