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Hole 4

Pic dels Angors

(PAR 4)

A short hole, provided you don’t fall into the bunkers on the course. It is better to play an iron at the tee and secure the second shot.

Set of tees:

1 — 325 m.
2 — 319 m.
3 — 272 m.
4 — 261 m.
5 — 233 m.

Better to leave the drive in the bag and secure it with a 3-wood or iron. When it comes to hitting the green, forget about attacking the flag and hit to the centre of the green. Avoid the bunkers at all costs, and of course, the lake that protects the green from behind.

Luis Ortiz – Professional golf player

A priori, it is a fairly affordable par 4, and short. But a bad tee shot can put you in serious trouble. Near the usual landing area of the first shot there are several ditches and multiple trees. And if the tee shot is long, you might eat the big tree on the right side of the fairway.

François Chartier – French tourist passing through La Cerdanya