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Hole 13

Pic de Madres

(PAR 5)

Long par 5, without much difficulty. However, beware of the narrowing of the fairway on the second shot, which should be played with a fairway wood.

Set of tees:

1 — 567 m.
2 — 535 m.
3 — 497 m.
4 — 466 m.
5 — 409 m.

It’s an endless par 5! And the green, with its length of more than 40 or 50 meters, doesn’t help either – I’d love to be one of those who drives 250 meters and beyond on this hole!

Mª Cristina Arbaizar – Golf enthusiast since 1988

If I had to give a recommendation to someone playing this hole for the first time it would be this: patience, be very patient. A bogey is just fine. And with a bit of luck, if the fourth shot approach is good, you can still drop a par.

Marcos Jordà – Golf professional