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Hole 11


(PAR 3)

Only the good player can aim for the flag, as it is imperative to carry the ball 160 meters. The more modest players should play before the water and try to make par with a good approach.

Set of tees:

1 — 185 m.
2 — 167 m.
3 — 147 m.
4 — 129 m.
5 — 130 m.

A challenge for any player regardless of their level. For high handicap players the goal is to pass the water, for low handicap players to catch the green, and for professionals to shoot or not to shoot at the flag.

José Manuel Lara – Golf professional

Shoot before the lake or shoot for the green. That’s the main decision, and it’s not easy. It usually depends a lot on how I’m feeling that day. But am I ever going to hit the flag? Never. If I shoot for the green, I shoot for the centre of the green.

François Chartier – French tourist passing through La Cerdanya